Patented railway marking solutions

Are you looking for a new, more durable solution for your railroad signs / guideposts?

In the Finnish railroad system there are several ways of marking the regulations of the railroad at the roads themselves. These ways mainly consist of planting a track post or marking the actual rail with chalk or a marker pen.

The signs and markings in use today have their own problems, for example possible dislocation of the posts or wearing out caused by the weather and other external causes.

We at KAVORA offer you an alternative way to mark your railroads, persistent to heavy usage and arduous conditions. It is a solution that is available year-round, that will help clarify and simplify the outdated and old-fashioned railroad markings that are in use today.

The rail marking plate and its fastener are patented to ensure that only the highest quality products are installed onto the tracks for use. Contact info and detailed info on the rail marking plates can be found in the upper banner of the website.

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